Senior Care Center, Dementia Care Specialist in Keokuk County, Keota, Iowa

We are a Chronic Care and Dementing Illness (CCDI) home dedicated to the enrichment, safety and comfort of individuals experiencing all stages of dementia and support for the loved ones providing care for those individuals.

Our ‘Living Well with Dementia’ Program allows Residents to remain active in life by focusing on enhancing and maintaining individual abilities and providing stimulating and interactive programming. We share many activities every day with our residents, each of which is designed to stimulate the mind and lift the spirit. Our goal is that your loved one will find success, meaning and pleasure in every day and a reason to smile, get dressed, laugh and celebrate. 

We are a place where Residents will remain calm and engaged while living well with dementia. The Living Well with Dementia program encompasses five key elements to providing the best possible Specialized Memory Care Facility. Those elements are Life Enrichment, Support Services, Community Setting, Environment and Security. 

At our foundation, we are a skilled nursing facility offering quality rehabilitative care as well as excellent long-term care. We recognize how important it is to select the right health care option to meet your individual needs. Keota Health Care Center has the programs and support services to assist you and your loved one as their care needs increase or decrease.

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